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Food Pantry

This is headed by Minister Verletha Santiago.This is done on Wednesday.  We feed minimum of 50 people. This includes receiving over 1,000 pounds of food on Thursday via Connecticut Food Share.

WIC Office - Temporary.

This is headed by Minister Verletha Santiago.Meeting the needs of people in the Waterbury community. Open on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and third Saturday.

Homeless Shelter

This is headed by Dr. Brantley and Rukiya Borges. Monthly  a service that provides Pizza and words of encouragement for those going through homeless transition. 

FREE Single/Marriage (Pre or Post)/Family/Parenting COUNSELING

FREE to all members in good standing.  Dr. Brantley gives members confidential and elusive counseling for members. Good standing is defined as a participating member of the church who upbuild sand upholds the church.  

Women Ministry

This is headed by Rukiya Borges

Men & Mentorship Ministry

This is headed by Dr. T. Charles Brantley

Media Ministry
Through the work of Minister Henry Aime. He in charge of audio, CDS, DVDs, and pod cast are created.

Social Media Ministry

Through the work of Minister James Thomas. This includes uploading and creating content for all of our social media platforms. 

Two Year Christian Training   CLICK for more information.

This is a two year course that will teach all aspects of the Bible.  You will graduate with a certificate.  This class is taught by Chancellor Brantley.

Cleaning Committee:

Voluntary Time by Members

Relationship Training:

This is directed by Bishop T. Charles Brantley. Every Sunday 930 to 1015am

Music/Praise Team Ministry
This is directed by Bishop T. Charles Brantley with the help of Minister James Thomas and Rukiya Borges


Children Ministry
Rukyia directs children plays


Ushers/Greeters Ministry
This is lead by V Meyers. In this capacity the ushers serve to the highest extent

Comedy Ministry:

Using Bible and Life knowledge Dr. Brantley(Dr. B) travels to do clean mature comedy.


Leadership Core:

Minister Henry Bien-Aime

Minister Verletha Santiago

Minster James Thomas

Deacon Edgar Santiago

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