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Motivational  Corporate Speaker


Why Invite TC?

  • For school administrators TC story from stutter to orator motivates students through non vulgar hip hop music. He encourages them to reach their dreams. In addition, audience participation (dance & rap) will “seal the deal” for all those in attendance (non-religious).

  • For pastors who want to bring some form of reconciliation to their congregation, Pastor TC is blessed by God to speak to all parishioners whatever their ethnic background in a funny but inspiring way in uniting Americans.

  • For administrators & pastors who want to encourage males to walk in the quality of non-lies and learn the power of truth & grace. Through his own issues, TC has discovered the power of truth and confession in dealing with the emotional abuse of his past.

  • For pastors who want to encourage marriages to stay strong through the terms of life especially in all areas of communication. Helping men to understand that marriage is a work in progress and commitment.


Community work

Since moving to Connecticut in 1988, Pastor TC through the grace of God has been in several local newspaper articles for his community work within the area. Some of the articles can be viewed on the church website: He is also honored to not only serve as the Chaplain of the Naugatuck Fire Department but in addition for over two years has been the Chaplain to officiate the graduation ceremony of all new candidates in the state of Connecticut. He is also honored to be used by WIHS 104.9FM on its “Bread of Life” Series. Restoration Springs Church has currently two cable access programs: URtheMan (issues of manhood) and church broadcast.


Twenty-eight books have been written and self published including: Even Christians use the Bathroom: (Help Christians come behind the mask of legalism and into the light of truth), New Sheets:(Liberty of couples to express themselves in the confines of the marriage bed), Can a Store front Save a City (Ups and Downs of being a senior pastor in a store front church), Book of Remembrance (a collection of over 200 articles concerning the church community events in Naugatuck, CT.) and Further than Jabez (fight the sin of selfishness and strife).

Graced Points

Valedictorian & Sr. Class President—Florida A & M Univ. HS
Scholarships- Scholastic and Athletic (Track)
Magna Cum Laude—Florida A &M University Business Admin. (major) & Mathematics (minor)
Magna Cum Laude – Newburgh Theological Seminary Master of Divinity and Pastoral Leadership
Vice President (Sr) & Treasure (Jr) of Florida A & M Univ. Student Government
Licensed FCC Radio Announcer (WYBC,WQQW,WWCO, WAMF)
Former Chairman of Dr. Martin Luther King Celebration Committee in Naugatuck, CT
Former President of Conference of Churches (16 churches) in Naugatuck, CT
Former President of Diversity Committee in Naugatuck, CT
Head Organizer—Power Team [Anti-Drug Strong man event] that
come to Naugatuck 1999 4,000 attendance

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