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Motivational  Corporate Speaker

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Creating a positive workforce culture to increase employee productivity, retention, and satisfaction through diversity connection innovations. Certified Relationship Counselor | Author | Public Speaker | Comedian.



T. Charles Brantley Ph. d is a Board-Certified Counselor, Speaker, Comedian and Co-Founder of the The Coach and the Counselor LLC.

Dr. Brantley was raised in poverty in Glen Cove, Long Island NY. He battled asthma and stuttering as a young child. With low esteem and failed past relationships, like the phoenix he rose to overcome past failure and create exploits through FAITH in God and tenacity. Through learning the power of connection and relationship with himself and others he has gathered an expertise that has helped over 1,000 couples to be better connected in their relationships.

He now turns his attention to help Corporation professionals engineer a positive workforce to elevate a higher profit margin through connection and diversity innovations.

He has been featured on local and national television shows and networks such as Bill Cunningham Show to help spread the message and harmony about connecting with self and then with others.

He is the chaplain for Fire, Police, and State troopers. He was involved in helping families heal during the Sandy Hook Tragedy in Connecticut. One of his 28 national published books, details this actions “Survival and Healing of Emergency Personnel - Including Chaplain Experiencing & Healing from Sandy Hook Tragedy: Supporting Emergency Personnel at Work and Home”published April 7th, 2023.

Dr. Brantley is an enchanting and comedic speaker and counselor. He has performed as a comedian at Mohegan Sun Casino, Gotham Comedy Club, NYC Stand Up Comedy Club, NYC Comic Strip Live, Greenwich Comedy Club.

His knowledge of using connection relationship improves an employee mindset. One cannot be productive if their non wellness within themselves first and then their families second is not uncovered. Such non-wellness will hinder productivity. Having Dr. Brantley present will reverse these feelings which usually starts in childhood to which Dr. Brantley in his presentation will unburden.

Dr. Brantley greatest skill as an experienced speaker and presenter for over 30 years is his ability to connect and be present with the audience to bring forth a feeling of connection that will be translated to their home and workplace. A happy home is a productive work environment.

Dr. Brantley will give informative material in a fashion that is very engaging and high energy and captivating to audience members while also providing direct, points to help listeners to walk away with positive and productive takeaways.

Why Invite Dr. Brantley?

  • For corporation to develop better connection and diversity within their company.

  • For school administrators TC story from stutter to orator motivates students through non vulgar hip hop music. He encourages them to reach their dreams. In addition, audience participation (dance & rap) will “seal the deal” for all those in attendance (non-religious).


Community work

Since moving to Connecticut in 1988, Pastor TC through the grace of God has been in several local newspaper articles for his community work within the area. He is also honored to not only serve as the Chaplain of the Naugatuck Fire Department but in addition for over two years has been the Chaplain to officiate the graduation ceremony of all new candidates in the state of Connecticut. 

Graced Points

Valedictorian & Sr. Class President—Florida A & M Univ. HS
Scholarships- Scholastic and Athletic (Track)
Magna Cum Laude—Florida A &M University Business Admin. (major) & Mathematics (minor)
Magna Cum Laude – Newburgh Theological Seminary Master of Divinity and Pastoral Leadership
Vice President (Sr) & Treasure (Jr) of Florida A & M Univ. Student Government
Licensed FCC Radio Announcer (WYBC,WQQW,WWCO, WAMF)
Former Chairman of Dr. Martin Luther King Celebration Committee in Naugatuck, CT
Former President of Conference of Churches (16 churches) in Naugatuck, CT
Former President of Diversity Committee in Naugatuck, CT
Head Organizer—Power Team [Anti-Drug Strong man event] that
come to Naugatuck 1999 4,000 attendance

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